We Bring Our Experience to Your Side 


Our dedicated team of Brokers and Agents, working to provide professional, personal services to small-to-mid-sized Businesses. 

Don Barrick, (Broker of Record and Certified International Property Specialist,) possesses more than 30 years of consulting and entrepreneurial experience in start-up, trouble shooting and business acquisition activity, for a variety of business types and sizes. He has particular skills with service companies, Health Care operations as well as stints of work overseas. (combroker@bafgroup.com)

David Schwartz began his career in corporate levels of the sports world, but quickly showed talent for Technical Startups and Sales Consulting.  He has also had successful experience in Wine and Spirits Distribution and Commercial Real Estate.  His eclective background and ability to quickly analyze and qualify business attributes has provided to be a true benefit for both Client Buyers and Sellers.  (david.schwartz@bafgroup.com)

Yella Reddy possesses a PhD in Agronomy from Ohio State University and a Master's Degree in Finance from Johns Hopkins University.  His intellect and more than 20 years in honed talents are only matched by his commitment to his Clients.  (yreddy111@gmail.com)