Ellicott City (MD) Flooded on July 31, 2016 

On the evening of July 31, 2016, the historic Maryland town of Ellicott City suffered a debilitating flash flood. Two lives were tragically lost, and the town itself experienced flooding so violent that it appeared as though a giant sandblaster had torn up not only the buildings and tossed the cars around like toys, but it also ripped up sidewalks and even streets.  National media has covered the story and provided many photos, providing witness to the damage that many are describing to be similar to that found in a war zone.

Having had our own offices in Ellicott city for more than 10 years, and located in the heart of the greatest area of devastation, we are obviously very sensitive to the situation.  On the other hand, we were extraordinarily fortunate in that the damage we suffered was negligible; operators of Retail and Restaurant concerns, as well as Residents of the town were not anywhere near as lucky.

Check out the story and progress through the Ellicott City Partnership, with its own website located at:  https://ecpartnership.org/.